Tuesday 12/11/18

WU: 250m Row 20yd leg swings Inchworm dive bombers AC: 6mins 20 pike shoulder taps 15 Hollow crunches 10 Scap pushups Prep: Lats Skill: HSPU progression WOD: 15 AMRAP 5 HSPU 15 Situps 20yd [...]

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Friday 12/7/18

WU: 50 JJ 40 MC’s 30 Airplanes 20 Ring rows 10 Situps Prep: Scap smash Strength: Bench 5Rds empty BB max reps WOD: Partner up EOMOM 30 P1: 5 Pullups 10 Pushups 15 [...]

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Wednesday 12/5/18

WU: 2Rds 250m Row Bear Crawl down Spiderman back AC: 3Rds empty BB 10 Hang Cleans 10 Burpee over bar 20 MB throwups from chest Prep: Trap smash with BB Strength: Strict Press [...]

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