Community is our most prized possession at CrossFit Ares.  We are always working to build it and enhance it and we vehemently work to protect it. Our community at CrossFit Ares has many layers:

  • Our classes: on a day to day basis this is where people connect with one another the most.
  • Our groups, forums and social media properties: these open forums allow us all to interact and share our victories and challenges and gain support from others outside of the class environment
  • CrossFit at large: as a vast global community of over 8000 affiliates, CrossFitters speak a common language and we are proud to have such a robust and connected community to share the fitness journey with.
  • The greater fitness community at large: when it comes to our mission at CrossFit Ares, we are happy to plug into any and all those who contribute in a positive or meaningful way to help others lead more active and healthy lives.

It is our expectation that all members respect the community and focus on the following:

  • Be constructive and bring positive energy to the community
  • Ask for help if you need it; help others if they ask for it.
  • Show up, plug in and be a part of it.  

If you do those things, we promise results will come and you will get far more out of the experience than you are asked to put in.

100% Satisfaction.

That’s it. Super simple. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will make it right.

Satisfaction often goes well beyond the money paid, but in regards to that, the fine print would be: 30 days money back, no questions asked with any of our programs. Other programs or promotions might have extended money back periods.

Commit to a healthier, more fit lifestyle today.