Initially signing up for the 6 week challenge was so nerve wracking for me because I thought to myself  I don’t think I could do this its crossfit I can barley do regular classes at the gym. But I put my nerves to the side and stuck it out and honestly I can say it was the best 6 weeks! Everyone at Crossfit ares really welcomed me and made me feel comfortable in every single class I’ve gone too, sooo much that I got hooked and I started going 4 times a week. What I love the most about Crossfit Ares is that its not just a gym you walk into and jump on a machine and go and its not an awkward environment where you cant talk to anymore. The atmosphere is very “chill” ,  I love the people, the workouts and how they are in a group setting and there’s no judgement everyone helps one another and it just makes you feel good about getting yourself into shape. Overall I lost a total of 9 pound and 8inches in only 6 weeks! If I can do it anyone can do it! You can never say you don’t like something until you try it! Try it , I guarantee you’ll love it!