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Tiara Toro's Story...


I used to go to Boston Sports Club everyday and I usually did the same workouts everyday just because I had no idea how to vary my workouts and what else I could possibly do without looking like a lost soul. Someone I knew at the time was always talking about Crossfit and how he lost so much weight and got back into shape, and overall just how challenging it was. I've heard about Crossfit before that, but after talking to him I decided to research local boxes and give it a shot. It was so nerve wrecking walking into Crossfit Ares the first time because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought to myself that there's no way I could ever survive the workouts or fit in with the community. But I tried one intro WOD, met some of the members.. and was instantly hooked. It's awesome to have the motivation from my coaches and fellow members, to have varied workouts day to day... & classroom settings make everything so much better. My arms and shoulders are so much more defined and toned, you can see the definition in my legs. I'm so close to being able to do strict pull ups which I have never in my life been able to do, I can squat weight much heavier than I have imagined I could do. It's amazing to me that I can push myself to my limits physically and still exceed the expectations I've held for myself, it's crazy to see what my body really is capable of. Since I've started crossfit I have learned the value of my body. I have started to eat healthier, sleep more & drink more water. It all goes hand in hand. It leads you to a healthier lifestyle without even realizing it.

Not only are the results addicting, the CrossFit community itself have some of the most kind, caring & compassionate people I have ever met. It's almost like a huge family, everyone has each other's back. And we don't let anyone fail. If someone is struggling through a WOD and you're done, you help them... you do the last 5 burpees with them to push them, to motivate them. It's a huge loving family. If you ever think about doing Crossfit but think you're not fit enough, you're not strong enough, that you're just not going to fit in... You're psyching yourself out. Just try the intro WOD, meet the coaches, meet the members & meet Bruin.... you'll understand why everyone loves the crazy workouts we put ourselves through... and you'll love it!!

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